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Services include:

    • Physician follow-up
    • 24-hour rehabilitative nursing
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Neuropsychology & cognitive therapy
    • Case management
    • Social work

The Augusta Health Inpatient Rehabilitation facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. We offer a team approach to rehabilitative care, where patients can expect:

A physician-directed team
A physician-directed team.

Our physicians are rehab-specialized with quality medical management experience. Patients and their family members are also considered key members of this team.

Therapy 7 days a week

Patients will complete at least 15 hours per week. Therapy includes traditional rehabilitation along with innovative programs in education, community re-entry, home evaluation, aquatic therapy, and animal-assisted therapy.

discharge care
Continued care after discharge

Augusta Health offers outpatient rehabilitation services, home health services, access to durable medical equipment, and active support groups.

Our Team

Jonhathon Chisum
Johnathon Chisum, PA-C


Kylie Risendal
Kylie Risendal, PA-C