Female Physiotherapist working examining treating injured arm of athlete male patient, stretching and exercise, Doing the Rehabilitation therapy pain in clinic
The Inpatient Physical Therapy Department provides evaluation and treatment interventions for patients with physical disorders or impairments, to help them achieve their maximum functional level.

Functional deficits may be related to orthopedic, neurologic, congenital, and systemic disorders, or they may be related to chronic pain or the aging process. Each patient is evaluated for their specific needs and an individualized care plan is developed. Functional goals are set and mutually agreed upon by the patient and therapist.

Treatment interventions incorporated into the care plan may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises for strengthening, range of motion, endurance or neuromuscular re-education; aquatic therapy
  • Therapeutic activities including bed mobility, transfer training, gait training, and wheelchair skills
  • Use of physical agents such as therapeutic cold, heat, ultrasound or electrical stimulation
  • Manual therapy techniques such as massage and mobilization
  • Fitting and/or training for orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Community or work reintegration/work hardening
  • Wound care
  • Education concerning your condition and its treatment

Treatment interventions may be carried out by a Physical Therapist (PT) or a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), who work under the supervision of the therapist. All PT and PTA personnel on staff at Augusta Health are licensed by the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy.

The Inpatient Physical Therapy Department is located on the ground floor of the Augusta Health hospital. We provide services to patients in the acute care, Skilled Nursing, and Neuro-Rehab units, as well as outpatient Wound Care services. Augusta Health also has a full service fitness center and a transition program to allow you to continue with your exercise regimen after discharge from therapy services.