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Pain Management

The management of pain is different for everyone. The physicians at the Pain Management Clinic strive to assess each patient's pain related problems, and then define the most appropriate and cost effective treatment plan.

The Patients' ability to live with pain depends on their understanding of what is causing the pain, their feelings about the pain, and the understanding of how others react to their pain. We help patients gain an understanding of their pain.

Patients are seen on a referral basis at the Pain Management Clinic because the physicians there feel it is important to coordinate the best possible medical care through a teamwork approach with the patient's primary care and other referring physicians. In doing so, patients are better able to understand what kind of pain they have, to learn how to keep the level of pain as low as possible, and to learn how to control pain so they can continue with daily activities. The Pain Management Clinic's team responds to the patient's medical, psychological, and physical needs.

Routine Procedures

  • Denervations: After back surgery some patients continue to have pain with no indication for further procedures. Denervation is used to alleviate this pain after other conservative measures have failed.
  • Implantable drug infusion pumps
  • Implantable neurostimulation systems: Spinal cord stimulation is efficacious in the treatment of patients indicating chronic intractable back pain. This stimulation is intended to inhibit or block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Implantation involves a simple surgical procedure performed in the operating room. The patient can be tested for response prior to the implantation of the permanent system in order to maximize effectiveness.
  • Selective nerve root blocks: Spinal nerve root blocks are similar to denervations but without the use of electrical current. Instead, steroids or local anesthetics are injected directly into the target site to control inflamed and painful tissue.
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