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Caring beyond the hospital's walls

In July, a patient came to our Emergency Department as the result of a serious accident while traveling through the area. He survived, but his wife did not. When he was discharged and went to the Hampton Inn, two members of our Security Team—Sargent David McLaughlin and Captain Sou Thao—gave him a ride because he did not have a functioning car.

Instead of dropping him off, they helped him check in, accompanied him to his room and helped him settle in for the night. They next day, his Emergency Room nurse Shannon Cox, Sargent McLaughlin and his wife, Carolyn McLaughlin—also from the Security Team—were concerned that the patient might be having a difficult time. The accident, the loss of his wife, and an unfamiliar location could be too much to handle. They went to visit him at the Hampton Inn.

Shannon checked his wounds, and they all cared for him with kindness and consideration that went well beyond their jobs. They stayed with him while he ate breakfast. Shannon called Animal Control and made arrangements to board his dog. She had his prescriptions filled at our pharmacy. The McLaughlins took his dog to the kennel and took the patient to his car to retrieve personal belongings. They also helped him pick up his medications and went with him to the funeral home to help him make arrangements for his wife before taking him back to Hampton Inn.

The patient has since contacted Augusta Health to let us know he is still recovering. He sent his sincere thanks to the professional staff in the Emergency Department, the MOB pharmacy and Dr. Gallagher for their care, but added that he will be eternally grateful to David and Carolyn McLaughlin, Sou Thao and Shannon Cox for their kindness and consideration.

"I could not have handled any of that without their help, and can never forget how warmly yet patiently they treated me," he wrote.