We work with a variety of medical conditions to educate the participant, while teaching self-monitoring skills and progressing them toward independent exercise.

These programs utilize staff who have the Exercise is Medicine credential through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). ACSM sets the industry standard for current exercise guidelines, both clinical and non-clinical. This credential is designed to help exercise professionals work effectively as a member of the extended healthcare team, provide exercise guidance to individuals with the most common chronic diseases, and utilize behavioral support strategies to help a patient successfully integrate regular physical activity into their lives. To receive this credential you must have both a bachelor’s degree in a health and exercise science related field and hold at least one NCCA accredited fitness certification.

If you have questions, please contact:

Michael Campbell
Fitness Coordinator

RxEx Program

This is a monitored medical program, with three main subsets: Cancer Rx, Prehab, and Cardiac Phase III. We work with specific clientele who need more specialized programming and monitoring before independent exercise.

Program Overview

  • Health assessment to gauge baseline fitness functioning.
  • (14) small group, half hour sessions with Exercise Specialist for a basic exercise plan.
  • Includes 8 weeks of membership at Augusta Health Fitness.
  • RxEx Traditional
  • RxEx Joint (Prehab)
  • RxEx Cancer
  • RxEx Cardiac
  • RxEx Aqua

RxEx Plus

This program is more individualized and involves more exercise progression. Many individuals who could benefit, include but are not limited to, those diagnosed from hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases, overweight/obesity, (pre)diabetes, orthopedic concerns, or post-joint replacement. We work one-on-one with clients to develop workouts tailored to their unique movement patterns and fitness needs.

Program Overview

  • Consult and Functional Movement Screening to assess movement patterns and prescribe exercise.
  • Tanita scale assessment
  • (3) one-on-one, half hour sessions with EIM Personal Trainer for an individualized exercise plan
  • Includes 8 weeks of membership at Augusta Health Fitness.

Keep The Momentum Going—Continue With Your Personal Trainer

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4 – ½ hour sessions4 – 1 hour sessions
8 – ½ hour sessions8 – 1 hour sessions
16 – ½ hour sessions16 – 1 hour sessions

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