Joint Care (Hip, Knee, and Shoulder)

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We offer:

    • Shoulder replacement (reverse shoulder replacement or standard shoulder replacement)
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Joint Replacement

In some situations, joint replacement may be the best treatment option. During this kind of surgery, the damaged joint is replaced with an artificial one. Our orthopedic surgeons are specially skilled in joint-replacement surgery, offering the experience and expertise that helps ensure success.

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How to prepare

Your specialist will talk with you about how you can best prepare for joint replacement surgery. We will also work with you during your stay in the hospital after surgery and at home so that your surgery is as successful as possible.

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Joint Center

The Augusta Health Joint Center staff knows everyone who comes to us is unique.

That’s why our care—from pre-operative services to post-op care—is centered on the patient’s needs. Working as a dedicated team, we focus on making the patient feel informed, empowered and supported every step of the way.